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Yakidoo is committed to providing companies with new information and insights on how to transform their departments and companies. Yakidoo focuses on providing research, opinion, examples and lessons learned in the areas of data capture, content management and process optimization and automation.

Yakidoo seeks to help line of business leaders who are seeking answers to key business problems that can be solved by themselves and through solution and service providers like Yakidoo.

This resources section is a content library that is updated so business leaders can stay current on:

    • How data capture, content management and process optimization/automation is helping make companies more successful
    • New business insights and ideas regarding their roles, their departments and business in general
    • Providing real-world examples where roles, departments and companies are benefiting from what Yakidoo is doing to empower transformation

Whitepapers and Reports

White Papers and Reports1Yakidoo offers up to date and core educational content that line of business leaders can use for business planning and improvement, problem identification and solution search. Sharing with you this research is Yakidoo’s way of helping you learn ways to transform and improve roles, departments and your company overall. Learn more.


Data Sheets

Data Sheets1Finding information quickly on websites can be time consuming and frustrating, especially with some of the large technology manufacturers web sites that have broad product lines. Here you’ll key data sheets from Yakidoo and its partners. Get data sheets here.



Video2Video is a simple and fast way to become informed on a topic. Video is used more and more by line of business professionals at various stages of the service and solution selection process to become informed on key business issues, overview of solution options and customer case studies. These videos are hand picked by Yakidoo to help Yakidoo customers become more informed on key issues in their industries, roles and technology. See what videos are available here. 

Next Steps

Read the Yakidoo blog, check out the whitepaper and reports library, watch some videos, listen to podcasts and access key data sheetsfrom Yakidoo and key partners. Contact us to discuss your needs.


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