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Cloud keyboardThis is our fourth post in our Cloud Computing 101 Series. In our last posts we answered the question What is Cloud Computing and outlined some of the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing.

In this post we’re going to shre with you a quick snapshot of the cloud computing market in order to illustrate it’s past and potential growth.

Cloud computing whether it be public, private or hybrid is here to stay and some would argue is near or achieved “mainstreet status”. This post will provide you with some data points on the growth of the market, charts and an infographic and some links to in-depth coverage on the growth of the cloud.

Key Data Points and Insights

    • From 2011 to 2016 global spending on cloud computing products and services is estimated to be $280B (Projections from Forrester are higher)
    • The 2011 estimate on spending on SaaS (software as a service) will be $14.8B
    • The projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for cloud computing services over the next 5 years is 27-32%
    • By 2015, 50 percent or more of NEW enterprise IT spend will be Cloud-based or Hybrid
    • By 2015, 65 percent or more of NEW enterprise IT workloads will be Cloud-based or Hybrid
    • By 2015, 25 percent or more of TOTAL enterprise IT workloads will be Cloud-based or Hybrid
    • Through 2015, the largest driver of Cloud IT workloads will continue to be Software-as-a- Service (in all of its forms, including business apps, social computing and mobile solutions). Key drivers shift from “better, faster and cheaper” to “transforming the enterprise.”

(Sources: Saugatuck Technologies, Market Intel Group, Standard and Poors)


We all have to take predictions and projections with a grain of salt and each business has a unique set of needs and requirements when it comes to considering the cloud. It’s safe to say however that cloud computing, driven in part by virtualization and the need for companies to reduce costs and be more flexible, will continue to grow.

The chart and the infographic link, below provide some more information on the state of the cloud computing market.


(Source: The Future of Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT – Global Technologies & Markets Outlook – 2011-2016 by Market Intel Group)

Please click on the link for the, Stats On Cloud Marketing Infographic

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